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The Desolate Place

This lent, we will look at the desolate place, the wilderness where Jesus was tempted. Through this, we will see what we can learn from his time in the desert.

The desolate place is much more than just a place where living is hard. The desolate place is a place where learning occurs, a place where challenges arise, where dependence is needed, where doubts are ever-present, and where comfort is longed for.

Such places – deserted, abandoned, desolate wastelands – were important to Jesus when he lived on earth. Beyond the temptation in the desert, Luke 5:16 says “He [Jesus] would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” (ESV)

Join us over the weeks leading up to Maundy Thursday and Easter as we study the desolate place and its many effects on our lives.


March 10 - The Place of Learning
March 17 - The Place of Challenges
March 24 - The Place of Dependence
March 31 - The Place of Doubt
April 7 - The Place of Comfort
April 14 - The Place of New Beginnings
April 18 - Maundy Thursday
April 21 - Easter